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Fairco’s uPVC Roofline range offers all the products that you’ll need to make your roof both attractive and weather-proof for many years to come. Our fascia, soffit and guttering system is the stylish alternative to traditional timber and aluminium.

There is now no need to settle for conventional building products that need regular maintenance and eventually have to be replaced.

Our Roofline products all provide durable and low-maintenance protection that will stop rot and leaks and keep your home damp-free and looking great.

Fairco Roofline is versatile, practically maintenance-free, and fast becoming the clear choice for both new-build and renovation.

Fairco replace the old material completely, fitting new UPVC or aluminium rooftrim that will not rot, rust or need painting ever again – so you can put the ladder away.


A board secured horizontally to and perfectly covering the vertical ends of the roof rafters. Our attractive and maintenance-free finish leaves no unslightly gaps, giving your roof a permanent new look.

All of the Fairco fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to add that finishing touch to any home. We use a special ventilation system that protects your walls and roof from water and an added bird comb that prevents birds from nesting.

Available in a range of styles and colours, our uPVC boards are manufactured up to 25mm thick, are the strongest on the market and our white boards carry a lifetime guarantee against discolouration.


An integral part of Roofline systems – enclosing and protecting the underside of the roof edge, while providing ventilation to the inner roof area to minimise the risk of trapped moist air. They provide a highly effective and visually appealing long-term solution to regular maintenance – leaving you with a permanently all-new roof.

Soffits tidy the underside of the roof overhang while bridging the gap between the siding and roof edge – giving your roof that permanent all-new look. Our soffits carry a 20-year guarantee on materials and workmanship and a lifetime guarantee against discolouration on white boards.

Our great colour options also come with a 10-year guarantee


The collection channels at the lowest point of a roof for collecting the rainwater, the guttering is supported with brackets fixed to fascia.

It is secured to the fascia by fixing screws to the back. Fairco’s Roofline guttering is expertly designed offering protection from the heaviest of weather and rigorously tested for water tightness.

Fairco Roofline guttering is also fitted with wider gutter unions to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.


Durable cladding profiles provide not only a decorative but also a protective facing to building exteriors and acts as an additional thermal insulation agent.

Cladding can be applied vertically, horizontally or diagonally as required for various effects and will enhance the appearance of any home old or new.

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